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Paris & London FREE Trip

Paris and London Free Trip officially ON…!!

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Bonjour my dearest blog reader…!!!!

Yes People u heard me…!! Paris and London Free Trip OFFICIALLY ON…!!

Another Free Trips announced by our Company..AND its OFFICIALLY OPEN FOR QUALIFICATION now…!!

starts from JUNE – SEPT 2012

As you know this is a FULLY PAID EXPENSES a.k.a F.O.C trip from A to Z…!!!

8 DAYS 6 NIGHTS…3 romantic Nights at Paris, City of Love in 5-star Hotels and 3 nights at London, City of Fashion..Both places are CITY OF SHOPPING…!!! Paris and London trip is gonna be awesome!

It’s a DREAM COME TRUE..in fact I  think it’s a DREAM place for Everyone to go…right?

I am Super duper excited when company announced it..so does my business partners too..!! We will make sure none of us will be left behind from our plane to Paris and London



Paris1 Paris and London Free Trip officially ON...!!

Paris : Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame, the Louvre, the Orsay Museum, Palais de Chaillot, Arc de Triomphe, the Opera House, Champs-Elysees, Vendome Square, Versaille Palace, Galeries La Fayette, LaVallee Village.

and not to forget…my Dream place to go too..Disneyland Paris..!! Mesti shopping toys for my boys..!!

Imagine our self posing here..with all the historic and magnificent view..Definitely will be dancing and singing in our Green Leaders Group amazing video..WOW…!!

la fayette1 Paris and London Free Trip officially ON...!!

 Our Shopping destination..!! La Fayette yang ada 3 malls separately for woman, men and kids..Shop till you drop bebeh…!!

and tarik nafas dalam2….



designer1 Paris and London Free Trip officially ON...!!

Definitely will be going here..The first Louis Vuitton and and the first ever Chanel boutique 31 Rue Cambon..!! Together with other top designer labels…woohoo…! my heart is crazily pumping wink wink

that’s part of places we are going in Paris..How bout London..??

london attractions1 Paris and London Free Trip officially ON...!!

LONDON: Big Ben, Tower Bridge over the River Thames, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Houses of Parliament, Piccadilly Circus, world-famous St Paul’s Cathedral, Eye of London and many more…!

london11 Paris and London Free Trip officially ON...!!

and of course another shopping spree in London..!!

london21 Paris and London Free Trip officially ON...!!

Oxford Street is far more than two miles: it starts from the west Hyde Park, from the intersection with the Park Lane, and reaches the east crossing the Charing Cross. This is probably the busiest street in London, with hundreds of windows, small and great, and stores such as Marks & Spencer, The Spa at Selfridges, Debenhams, Long Tall Sally Jaeger, Britain’s Largest Fashion Store, Plaza Shopping Center. Oxford Street crosses other important streets for shopping in London, such asRegent Street, Bond Street and the same Charing Cross Road. Almost like in Portobello, in Oxford Street it is possible to find everything, from the windows of shops to the stalls.

This is gonna be my Third Free Trips with Company after Vietnam and Guangzhou..and this is my first time flying to Europe..!! Furthermore its Paris and London bebeh…of coz TERUJA…!!

This time around nak bawak chenta hati tersayang for our honeymoon lagi..it is our Dream Honeymoon at Paris..tak sangka buat biznes mula2 just utk buat side income..sekarang ada peluang untuk travel around the world pulak..AWESOMENESS…!!

and for those yang tak pernah lagi menjejakkan kaki ke Paris and London, This is your Golden Opportunity…!! and for those yang dah pernah pergi this is your chance to go again and convert your cost totally into Shopping $$$$$..

We will show you how to generate 4-5-6 figure income monthly and shopping money RM20k for Paris and London Trip..!!

GLA Paris and London Free Trip officially ON...!!


BE PART OF OUR BEAUTIFUL JOURNEY in The Green Leaders Group..!!

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”
-Martin Luther King

Come and Join US..!!


Premium Beautiful by Norshidah Kamarudin


Sephora ohhh Sephora

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psssssttttttt Sephora ohhh Sephora..
aritu kita cite psl makeup fr sephora kan…arini jom kite share pasal beauty products plak eh!Actually sephora brings most of the popular skincare products like Estee Lauder, Clinique, Lancome, Dior, Dr Murad, Skin Nutritions, Shiseido n mcm2 lg lah! U name it then pegi belek2 sampai juling bijik mata ok..dr skincare ke makeups ke hair care ke foot care and whatever carelah..yg bestnye u can try on it too for FREE!

drpd byk2 brands tuh i jatuh cinta dgn this brand..they say its best seller product kt US
IMG 20111109 00410 Sephora ohhh Sephora
Soap & Glory

1st thing yg I beli was “The Scrub of Your life” tu..Its body scrub..mmg sgt2 best coz kulit jd bersih, tak melekit n wangiiiii yg amat..rasa nk mkn! so kalau mlm jumaat bolehla uolss semua berscrub wangi2 pancing cik  abg ye kekekekkekekeke..baek punya tips nih!

Lepas dah scrub badan kita topup lg dgn body butter…bau wangi yg amatlah..!Actually ada 2 types. Either body lotion or body butter. Pada yg tak berapa nk tau..if u tido or sentiasa dlm bilik yg ber-aircond so body butter is your solution to protect your skin drpd jadi kering and flaky. If not then body lotion would be just nice..1 good thing about the body butter plak its not sticky. absorb trus dlm skin. So skin jadik lembut,gebus and wangiiiii…!Bestkan? I like like like!! Eventhough wangiiiii org yg sensitive skin like me still boleh guna..tak gatal2pun yeayyy!Then I dok carik scrub muka pulak..carik2 pnya carik last2 jatuh hati dgn brand ni lagik!! “Scrub your nose in it!” Besides its really cleanse up our skin esp blackhead n whitehead, u can make it as your mask too..caranya apply je on the face then leave it for about 5mins gethu then baru u scrub your face using circular motions…muka akan rasa so fresh!! coz it’s minty..i like like like!!The latest I bought is this daily scrub cleanser n makeup remover tong gajah! Mmg gajah ok tong itu..cukup bekalan 6bulan kot with mydaily heavy use hehe

IMG 20111109 00409 Sephora ohhh Sephora
I’ve been using this makeup remover ever since sephora bukak kt klcc and I found that its really good coz its water based. It’s clease up your makeup even waterproof mascara easily without leaving sticky effect kt mata tuh like if we use the oil based remover..kalau tak nak basuh muka lepas remove makeup gune ni pun takpe..sbb mmg dah bersih dah..so its so good kalau uols nk remove makeup nk solat or before pegi gym..best!

The face soap clarity tu baru sampai last week..kebetulan my daily face wash dah nak abes so i just gatal2 beli nk try je..tapi terjatuh hati gak!! Its not really scrub..its still foamy tp seriously kulit tak jadi tegang or tak bersih..it gives you superclean effect tapi kulit tak kering..huh cane nk explain? uolss faham2 jelah ek..kalau nk tau cane, pegi je kt sephora tu and try kt tangan..nnt bole basuh..

so, I boleh jadi beauty advisor kt sephora tak?
fyi, I tak dibayar utk cerita2 ni yea..saje2 je nk share icon smile Sephora ohhh Sephora
nnt i update lg what I found useful and post it here k!
sharing+is+caring Sephora ohhh Sephora

sephora ohhh sephora…!!!

share save 171 16 sephora ohhh sephora...!!!
IMG 20111109 00420 sephora ohhh sephora...!!!

Dear readers2 mak tersayang…
For my FB frens..entry ni khas utk anda..cerite di sebalik paperbag hitam itu..waduhhhhhh!
i think i have to block jalan pegi maybank klcc tu lah..kenotttt wannnn..sbb nnt kene lalu dpn sephora iteww!! ohhh noo!! ade shaje yg akan membuat wallet saya jd nipis..coiii!

sungguh irresistable..dan dan tu rasa ohh i need this..ohh i need that..ohh yg tu pun kene ade jugak..hoih cik shidah..hangkut jelah 1 kedai tu bawak balik heh senang citer..nak buat cane..sume tu ‘keperluan’ org pompuan..eh eh nak cantik haruslah byk effortnye..tp ni psl dh sukeee mmg takleh buat papeee…adededehh..nasib bonus biznes masyukkk

IMG 20111109 00411 sephora ohhh sephora...!!!
IMG 20111109 00416 sephora ohhh sephora...!!!

bermula dgn pallette urban decay nih..haduhh packaging je dah suke..very the classy..harapkan nk tgu org kasik hadiah takdemaknenye dah..so sila beri hadiah pada diri sendiri dgn duit sendiri ye hehe..colornye strong..tp kalau pakai eyeshadow primer urban decay tu kale aye shadow akan lg naik n canteks..

tup tup 2days after i bought that, the Sephora’s Xmas pallette keluar…i was like huwawaaa..! Rabak lagilah poket ku ini..Puas Mik explain he doesn’t know its coming..yeah yeah..

IMG 20111110 00422 sephora ohhh sephora...!!!
look at the color!! mmg best nk main2 kan…? There’s 112 colors of eyeshadow. Ada cool color n warm color..Then ada 70 colors of lipstick n lipgloss. Ada liquid gel liner,mascara,eye liner,lip liner, 3 blushers…name it…MADNESS!! Haven’t tried and have not buy it yet…timbang tara sedang berlaku yg menghala ke arah BELI icon biggrin sephora ohhh sephora...!!!

Last but not least, I bought this smoky brown pallete by Sephora jugak..very nice color!! seswai utk hari malasku bila sungguh malas utk blend hihiihiii

IMG 20111109 00418 sephora ohhh sephora...!!!

sekian, entry utk kali ni bab eye shadow pallete..
next entry psl skin care pulaks hoccay icon biggrin sephora ohhh sephora...!!!

 sephora ohhh sephora...!!!